You're going to absolutely love this post if you want to get the most out of your dj equipment gear. Let's talk about mixing and several handy tips and tricks to make you a better dj. The first tip I'm going to share with you is to make doubly sure that both of your tunes are in fact really suitable for the purpose of beatmixing. For this you will want to select a tune that comes ready with a beat that steady and make sure that there's a section that's long enough so that you can easily and effectively perform your beatmix on your dj equipment. Basically speaking, an awesome beatmix usually has both of the tunes you select running side by side at least for a mini while. I like to pick club style or extended mixes that follow the style that my favourite djs follow always works well.

The second tip I'll share with you up and coming djs out there is make sure that both your selected tunes are at the same speed. In order that you can play one of these tunes over the top of the other tune it needs to be at the exact same speed, or it will sound completely terrible. This is what we call lining up the tunes correctly and is of massive importance to get the most out of your dj equipment. Get this wrong, and your tunes will always be moving away from one another. Now then, in the old days, DJs would have to learn to line up manually but these days, this is the function of the sync button on your dj equipment for novice beginners. Put simply, the sync button alters the tempo of both your tunes so as to ensure that they will line up 100% correctly.

Finally for today's dj lesson it's important that your kick drums are also lined up. What's the kick drum I hear you ask? It's the sound of thud which repeats in the background. It's the drummer kicking the foot. Even when you have both of your selected tracks lined up in terms of the tempo, the speed. It won't help you out if your kick drum isn't lined up. So make sure you get that right using your newly purchased dj equipment. Well that's all for this lesson but we'll be back again soon with more pro dj tips, until then, happy djing!